Snacks, Lunch Program & Pizza Day

Lunch Program

We are pleased to bring you a full week catered lunch program for camper in our General Camp and our LIT program. The Lunch Program is catered by Food Land Hillsburgh and Pizza Day from Dominos Pizza. This Catered Lunch Program is not suitable for any campers who have dietary restrictions of any kind. This includes but is not limited to food allergies, special diet for personal reasons, food intolerance, etc. Please keep this in mind prior to adding it to your registration. This lunch program will consist of the following meals:


MAC & CHEESE, Veggies and Dip
JUICE, and a Dessert


TURKEY and Cheddar on a bun, Chips, Veggies and dip, Juice and a dessert


Chicken Fingers, Home Fries, veggies and dip, Juice and a dessert


sweet buffalo chicken wrap, Veggies and dip, Juice, and a dessert


2 slices of cheese pizza, chips and juice.


This lunch program is not suitable for children with food allergies, or special requirements with regards to food.

This lunch program is a catered lunch program. Our contracted catering provider will provide all items listed and may due to availability at times need to substitute items. Exact menu for these days will be listed in our "this week at camp" section of the site the weekend prior to the week of camp in question if there have been any changes.
The lunch program on a 4 day week, we offer Tuesday to Friday meal menu.

Please pack water, beverages, and snacks for the day as our lunch program may not provide enough food for your camper for the whole day including our snack breaks. It is also very important to note that the amount of fluid provided with the lunch program is not sufficient for the full day. Packing a water bottle and more beverages is a must. Thank you!

The Snack Shack & Freezies

SNACKS: General Campers and LIT participants will have the option of purchasing snack items every day during AM and PM snack times.

We are not able to extend the snack shack to our Mini Campers. They do not have the opportunity to purchase snacks from the snack shack and should have packed snacks in their lunch box/bag each day. Thank you!

FREEZIES: General Campers and LIT participants will have the option of purchasing freezies everyday during PM snack time and again if they stay after camp for "car to camp" pick up in the PM - they may be given the chance to purchase at that time as well. Freezies are always sold based upon weather and availability.

We are not able to extend the freezies purchases to our Mini Campers during PM snack time. Mini Campers who stay for "car to camp" pick up in the PM may be given the chance to purchase at that time if they are available.

Mini Campers always get a free 1/2 jumbo freezies on Friday afternoons! YAHOO :)

If you do choose to participate please send money in small bills or change packed in a safe place in your child’s bag.


Our Snack Shack is a fun way to add a treat into your campers time with us at Kids Inc Camp. Some parents choose to send snack money each day and others choose to only make this a special addition once or twice during their time at Kids Inc. The choice is yours! Snack Shack is not available for MINI CAMP or on days that campers are registered in an off site trip.

*Choices of snack shack items and colours of freezies are subject to availability

Other Items available at the snack shack

LIT Track Pants

kids inc badge

Kids Inc Toque

kids inc sticker


kids inC bag tag

(2 STYLE options)

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Every Friday is a special day at Kids Inc Camp for a number of reasons! Everyone LOVES our Theme Days AND it is also Pizza Lunch day! Mini Campers, General Campers, and LIT Campers will have the option to register for our pizza lunch. We do not have a vegetarian option. Please add this to your registration upon registration. Thank you.

Option 1: Regular (2-slice) Pizza meal + Chips + Juice = $5.50+HST

Option 2: Large (3 Slice) Pizza meal + Chips + Juice = $6.50+HST

During the registration process you will be given the option to enroll in Pizza Day.